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Terms and Conditions

Services Offered

We offer a comprehensive range of creative services designed to enhance your brand's visibility and engagement. Our services include, but are not limited to, print design, signage, packaging, marketing materials, social media management, website creation and maintenance, bespoke content creation, and comprehensive graphic design solutions.


We strive for transparency and simplicity in our payment terms. The design process will be quoted upfront, providing a price range when an exact price cannot be determined at the initial stage. This accommodates further planning and adjustments. Monthly maintenance and marketing services are invoiced separately, emphasizing our commitment to these ongoing services. Our billing cycle is based on a calendar month, commencing on a mutually agreed-upon date.

Website development projects require a 25% deposit of the estimated total cost upfront, securing your commitment and enabling us to allocate resources effectively. Expenses for external services (such as print, signage, hosting, and domain costs) must be covered in advance. Payments for these services can be made directly to the supplier or through us, ensuring timely management of all materials and production.

Invoices are due upon receipt.

Monthly Rolling Agreements: Our services, especially social media management and website maintenance, are offered under a flexible monthly rolling agreement. This allows us to adapt to your changing needs without the limitations of a long-term contract. Billing occurs monthly on a predetermined date, providing both parties with clarity and predictability.

Project Timelines and Delivery

In providing bespoke marketing services, including content creation for websites and social media, we emphasize the importance of mutual agreement on project timelines. Whether utilizing imagery provided by you or our own stock images, sufficient lead time is essential for the creation of high-quality, customized content. We commit to working collaboratively with you to establish realistic deadlines that accommodate the creative process while meeting your marketing objectives. Timely communication and provision of necessary resources or approvals from your side will greatly aid in adhering to these timelines. Our goal is to ensure that all content is delivered to your satisfaction, within the agreed timeframe.

Content Usage

We grant you the rights to use repost / print completed designs (including flyers, posters, logos, and marketing materials) enabling you to distribute them across any desired platforms. This is particularly relevant when we are not managing your online presence, but it is always beneficial to have access to the content you have commissioned. This flexibility supports your marketing and communication efforts, ensuring consistent presentation of your brand's message across all channels. However you are not permitted to edit or update artwork without prior agreement. This ensures quality and consistency and ensures that no rights are compromised. This is relevent to printed and digital design work.


Both parties commit to maintaining the confidentiality of any proprietary information shared during our collaboration. This mutual agreement ensures the protection of sensitive data.

Website Continuity

In cases where we have developed your website, it will remain active as long as the necessary fees for hosting and domain registration are maintained. Monthly fees for maintenance and updates represent an additional service. Should you decide to discontinue these services, while we will no longer perform updates or matain your site, we will also not remove it. Responsibility for managing and continuing payment of external hosting and domain fees are the responsibility of the client unless agreed otherwise. Whist we shall update you with regards to any hosting / domain fees and renwals that we have created or that we manage for you - and domains or hosting you have set up yourself without out input remain wholley the reposibility of the client.

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